Webinar: Gender Equality Plans in Horizon Europe


On June 15 GENDERACTION organised another webinar, this time on Gender Equality Plans in the Horizon Europe. Here you can download the presentation and have a look at the video of the event.    

SWG GRI: GEPs as a catalyst for change


A new report addresses the policy instrument of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) and presents the main findings of a survey carried out by the Standing Working Group on Gender in Research and Innovation (SWG GRI) among its members to assess the adoption of GEPs by Member States (MS) and Associated Countries (AC) and to identify […]

Webinar: Gender dimension of research


On 1st of June  2021 GENDERACTION organised webinar on gender in research content. Here you can download the presentation and have a look at the video of the event.        

Gender in Horizon Europe Webinar


On 25 April 2021 GENDERACTION organised another workshop, this time we focused on gender in Horizon Europe. More than 30 participants took part. Download PPT here.  

Our policy briefs are now in 9 languages


Under GENDERACTION WP5 we are elaborating a Policy Brief Series on Horizon Europe and European Research Area, to bring the key gender issues to the ongoing negotiations. We are firmly convinced that gender equality policies and the gender dimension in research and innovation are crucial for future research and innovations and should be adequately reflected […]

Join us in June: Resistance Campaign #COUNTERIT


Supporting gender equality and efforts towards improving equality are often met with resistance. We want to raise awareness of these resistances but especially show how we can counter them. Resistances to gender equality can take many forms. They can consist of a complete denial of the problem, disinterest in the issue, inaction, or even complete […]

New report on RFOs and gender dimension


According to the European Commission, the gender dimension should be included in research when relevant. Methods of sex and gender analysis in research serve to enhance scientific excellence as well as to enhance the lives of men and women. This is also stated in the policies of many national research funding organizations (RFOs). But how […]

MLW on GE in ESF/ERDF funds


On May 12, 2021 GENDERACTION organised another mutual learning workshop. This time participants focused on gender equality in structural fonds supporting research and innovation. The aim of the workshop was to provide an opportunity to the GENDERACTION partners, as well as to the members of the Standing Working Group on Gender in Research and Innovation […]

GENDERACTION new consortium partners


We are happy to welcome two new consortium partners! The Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research is tasked with producing a report and a number of policy briefs on gender and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The report on gender and sustainability will be based on a systematic, international research review of peer-reviewed research articles published […]

Policy Briefs jetzt auch auf Deutsch


Im Rahmen von GENDERACTION WP5 wurde eine Policy Brief-Reihe zu dem Forschungsrahmenprogramm Horizon Europe sowie dem Europäischen Forschungsraum erarbeitet, um die Gender- bzw. Geschlechterdimension auf allen Ebenen miteinzubeziehen. Wir sind fest davon überzeugt, dass die Gleichstellungspolitik und die geschlechtsspezifische Dimension in Wissenschaft, Forschung und Innovation für das Forschungrahmenprogramm von entscheidender Bedeutung sind, angemessen reflektiert und […]