Promoting institutional change

In Work Package 6, we will develop a system for monitoring and evaluating the implementation and impact of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) in order to support institutional change as the main instrument for promoting inclusive gender equality in the new ERA.


Most work on GEPs in the ERA to date has focused on capacity building and GEP development. Now, in reference to this work, it is important that we look at how we monitor and evaluate the impact of GEPs as drivers of institutional change.

Our activities

We plan to build on the work of previous groups and projects that have examined the implementation of GEPs across Member States, such as the first GENDERACTION project and the ERAC Standing Working Group on Gender in Research and Innovation. We will do this by:


  • Benchmarking GEP monitoring/evaluation practices across the ERA.


  • Developing good practice guidance on how to monitor GEP implementation and impact (focusing on Member States/Associated Countries where GEPs are not widespread or mandatory).


  • Developing a system for evaluating the implementation and impact of GEPs (focusing on Member States/Associated Countries where GEPs are mandatory).


  • Developing policy advice on monitoring and evaluating GEPs for different ERA stakeholders.



Deliverable reports


A benchmarking analysis and assessment report on how EU member states monitor and evaluate institutional change through GEPs


Guidelines for establishing GEP monitoring systems


An evaluation system for GEP impact



Policy briefs


Achieving, monitoring, and evaluating institutional change through GEPs



Mutual learning workshops