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National authorities and RFOs on gender-based violence

26 June 2023

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Our second benchmark report presents a state-of-the-art analysis of the current policy development on gender-based violence in the European Research Area. It provides a comprehensive research review and policy analysis.

The research described in the global section is heavily dominated by the USA, and the research described in the ERA differs in terms of content and thematic focus. For instance, bystander initiatives are frequently examined in the research review but are addressed only in one of the articles addressing the ERA. Another thematic difference is the focus on prevention and prevalence whereas the ERA articles focus, to a higher degree, on relationship violence between students. There is also a strong focus on students’ experiences of gender-based violence and its weak relation to the development of higher education infrastructure for the prevention of gender-based violence. Samples predominantly consist of majority group students, and lack diversity and intersectional perspectives. Also, research on RFOs regarding gender-based violence in higher education is completely missing.

The policy analysis based on the benchmarking survey reveals that there are almost no policies against gender-based violence adopted by European RFOs. Only two out of 15 responding partners in the GENDERACTIONplus survey have a national or regional policy against gender-based violence for RPOs. And only very few RFOs implemented measures to address the issue since May 2021.

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