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News about GE in R&I from Slovakia

10 May 2023

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On the 9th of May 2023 – Europe Day, Marcela Linková delivered a keynote presentation at the Fair Academy conference, organised by the Slovak Centre for Scientific and Technical Information and Žijem vedu (We live science) organisation in Bratislava. Marcela informed about key developments in EU gender equality policies for research and innovation (including project actions of GENDERACTION(plus) as well as about the Czech Center for Gender & Science as an inspiration for a possible model in Slovakia. “It was a great opportunity to connect Czech and Slovak actions and to compare the progress achieved. We must continue to work closer together again! Thank you, Marcela, ” adds Alexandra Bitušíková from Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica and our GENDERACTIONplus colleague who has long been working to advance gender equality in R&I in Slovakia.

The key topics for further discussion included gender-based violence in academia; the use of inclusive gender-sensitive language; and the state support for gender equality in the research and innovation agenda. 

The Fair Academy conference was an excellent opportunity to continue building a serious debate about gender equality in research and innovation among various stakeholders in Slovakia. Let us hope it will continue. SAVIA – a newly formed Slovak association of female researchers and innovators presents a new opportunity to create a real Community of Practice (built bottom-up) that is expected to contribute to making a difference.