SWGGRI on future of gender equality in ERA


In this position paper, the Standing Working Group on Gender in Research and Innovation (SWG GRI) outlines its recommendations for the future of gender equality in the European Research Area (ERA), which build on analyses of the current state of its implementation. This develops and supports the recently adopted the European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy […]

Policy brief: Disruptive measures needed


  In our new policy brief we argue that to achieve substantive gender equality in R&I, disruptive measures are required. There are two forms of disruptive measures: temporary special measures addressing gender imbalances and ambitious measures addressing structures. In the policy brief, we go on with examples of what are not disruptive measures and what […]

General Assembly Spring 2020


  On 27.-28. April 2020 GENDERACTION consortium had an online General Assembly and discussed what was been done and what were our plans for the next reporting period given the current circumstances. Despite COVID-19 @GENDERACTION_EU partners have been developing ambitious and concrete national impact plans. So great to hear all these! https://t.co/2nbEH3ZaHj — Marcela Linkova […]

Good news about gender (equality) in R&I


In April 2020 we’ve started a Twitter campaign to spread the good news about achievements and positive developments in the area of gender equality in research and innovation. The campaign is inspired by The Happy Broadcast and will feature posts on the GENDERACTION Twitter account. We recently welcome tips and notices so we can celebrate […]

MLW for Danube and Balkan region


10-11 March 2020 organized GENDERACTION mutual learning workshop on gender in international cooperation in R&I for the Dabube and Balkan region.  

Gender Equality Strategy and R&I


On March 5 European Commission introduced the new Gender Equality Strategy for yeard 2020-2025. See selected tweets on the issue: We R very happy: #research & #innovation will B included this time not only as a tool 4 increasing knowledge 4better #policies but as well as an area of intervention! Follow the press conference of […]

MLW on communication & impact building


  On February 18 and 19 GENDERACTION mutual learning workshop Communicating gender equality policy in R&I and creating impact took place in Prague. On the Day 1 participants undego the training on resistances against and argumentation strategies for gender equality in research, debated with Gemma Irvine, Vice-President for Equality and Diversity at Maynooth University, and […]

IDWGS 2020 on Twitter


An International Day of Women and Girls in Science is again here! Here is a selection of some of our favorite tweets: Tomorrow is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Believe in yourself and that what you do matters for science and society! Let’s join efforts for a Europe that strives for the […]

GENDERACTION workshop on gender in international cooperation in R&I for the Danube region


In cooperation with Martina Hartl, a member of our Advisory Board on gender in international cooperation, GENDERACTION is organizing a combined training and workshop for representants of national authorities and NCPs in the Danube region. Reimbursement of travel and accommodation costs for participants is available on request. Registration deadline: 31 January 2020. Registration form: https://forms.gle/zADSFGwH4oKjPFE98 […]

Gender in ERA


European Research Area (ERA) Priority 4 focuses on gender equality and gender mainstreaming in research and innovation. The objective is to foster scientific excellence and breadth of research by fully utilizing gender diversity and equality and avoiding an indefensible waste of talent. Within their National Action Plans (NAPs), European Union Member States (MS) and Associated […]