Dokumenti GENDERACTION projekta o politikama


Kao dio petog radnog paketa, projektom GENDERACTION smo načinili seriju političkih dokumenata o programu Horizont Evropa, sledećem okvirnom programu EU koji je naslijedio program Horizont2020. Tim dokumentima smo predstavili glavna rodna pitanja u tekućim pregovorima. Čvrsto vjerujemo da su politike rodne ravnopravnosti i uključivanja rodne ravnopravnosti u istraživački i inovacioni sadržaj od ključnog značaja za […]

3rd MLW online


On 23 and 24 November a 3rd mutual learning workshop on monitoring ERA priority 4. Work on this topic is one of the flagship activities of the GENDERACTION project. We have published two reports on this issue (2020 & 2018) and guidelines on criteria of good practice for strengthening the implementation of ERA priority 4. […]

GENDERACTION in EC Report on Equality


Proud to be mentioned in 2019 Report on equality between women and men in the EU (together with our sister project @ACTonGender) 🤓💪 cc @H2020_Czech @EU_H2020 🙏 @VeraJourova — GENDERACTION (@GENDERACTION_EU) November 20, 2020  

Informe de políticas


Como parte del Paquete de Trabajo 5, en GENDERACTION hemos elaborado  una serie de informes de políticas sobre Horizonte Europa, el próximo Programa Marco que sucederá a  Horizonte 2020. Parte de estos breves informes presentan  las principales cuestiones de género a tener en cuenta en las negociaciones en curso de Horizonte Europa. Creemos firmemente que […]

GENDERACTION General Assembly Autumn 2020


  On the 27th of October GENDERACTION general assembly met online to talk about work done and its future plans. The consortium welcomed representatives of new partner organizations from Sweden and Poland and was acquainted with the tasks they are responsible for. Despite the circumstances consortium made a very good job both on implementation of […]

Przeglądy polityczne


W ramach GENDERACTION WP5 opracowaliśmy serię przeglądów politycznych związanych z Horyzontem Europa, kolejnym programem ramowym, będącym kontynuacją Horyzontu 2020. Przedstawiamy główne zagadnienia dotyczące płci w toczących się negocjacjach. Można tu również znaleźć wskazówki na temat uwzględniania perspektywy płci w Europejskiej Przestrzeni Badawczej (EPB). Jesteśmy głęboko przekonani, że równouprawnienie kobiet i mężczyzn oraz uwzględnianie wymiaru płci […]

Europe expected to tie research funding to gender equality action


The European Commission’s plan to establish an Athena SWAN-style initiative to address gender inequality in academia has been welcomed by sector leaders, who predicted that taking action to improve diversity will become a requirement for obtaining research funding from Brussels. Marcela Linkova, coordinator of GENDERACTION, a group of national policy experts appointed by EU member […]

GEPs in new ERA Communication


European Commission in its new communication to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee, and the Committee of Regions named A new ERA for Research and Innovation released on 30 September 2020 proposes the development of inclusive gender equality plans with the Member States and stakeholders in order to promote EU […]

EU R&I Days with our presence


On 22-24 September 2020 EU R&I Days took a place online. Marcela Linková, the coordinator of GENDERACTION and head of SWGGRI, participated in the workshop Get ready: A new ERA for Equality is calling on September 22 at 5 pm (HUB 4 HorizonEurope) together with the director of DG R&I Jean-Eric Paquet and rector of […]

The importance of GEPs made visible during R&I Days


GENDERACTION and GEARING Roles invited sister projects, R&I organizations, and individuals to join Twitter campaign to raise awareness about the importance of Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) on September 22 (see the call for action). More than three dozen subjects have joined us. See some of their tweets below. Huge thanks to everyone who got involved! […]