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Spain takes further steps to reinforce gender equality in R&I

20 October 2022

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A new amendment of the Spanish law on R&I brings alignment with the EU framework​ by including the institutional change to support inclusive and gender-sensitive environments (i.e., free from gender bias, discrimination, sexist behaviour and sexual harassment​) and the integration of the gender dimension in research projects and sex/gender analysis in content​.

The National Plan for R&I will require a gender assessment report​, and the Spanish R&I public institutions will have to develop GEPs and sexual/sexist harassment protocols with annual monitoring​.

The amendment also promotes gender expert advice in evaluation committees​, requests implementation of positive actions targeting women (particularly at the highest level of the research career) ​and requires that gender equality criteria be included in public procurement​.

The law also obligates the integration of intersectionality in the design of GE policies and in the content of research, innovation and knowledge transfer​. Also, the gender award scheme for R&I centres and universities ​was launched.

Congratulations to Spain on this progress! See more here.