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Knowledge and skills needs of consortium members identified

5 December 2022

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To launch its capacity building activities, the GENDERACTIONplus consortium carried out a needs assessment survey aimed at assessing project partner’s knowledge and identifying priorities, preferences, and needs. The results will guide the development of the plan for the policy and RFO Communities of Practice (CoPs).  

The results show that in both the CoP, respondents have a good understanding of the institutional and policy context at regional and national level (institutional functioning, legal and policy context, relevant stakeholders) and of GEP design and implementation. Moreover, they have a fair level of soft skills (communication, negotiation, stakeholder engagement, participatory methods and techniques).  

Although slight differences can be observed between the two CoPs as well as between respondents with different levels of work experience in gender equality (1-5 years compared to more than 5 years), intersectionality and gender+ approaches and dealing with resistance stand out as points of common and high interest. The gender dimension in research is also a relevant topic for the two CoPs. In addition, the respondents in the RFO CoP show an interest in the role of RFOs in gender equality, including the role of RFOs in GEP implementation.  

With regard to the format preferences, policy makers seem to prefer formats which are less interactive (collection of best practices, toolkits), while respondents from RFOs and supporting organisations are more interested in interactive formats, either online (online facilitated discussions and exchanges, online trainings, online webinar with a facilitator) or onsite (onsite mutual learning workshop, onsite conference or workshop).