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Mutual Learning Workshop on Resistances

24 April 2024

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When: 12 – 14 June 2024 | Where: Madrid

Our next Mutual Learning Workshop will bring together members of our two Communities of Practice to learn more about various forms of resistance to gender equality, build competence to react to these resistances and take self-care in the face of them.

In preparation for the workshop, we mapped the experience of our consortium members with various forms of resistance. So what are the most common forms reported? Representatives of national authorities most often face non-prioritisation, where preference is given to another problem over gender equality, with denial of the relevance of the issue and inaction next. The situation is very similar in our research funder community, with non-prioritisation first and inaction and denial of relevance next.

In connection with this, we will be communicating on our social media on topics and issues related to facing resistances, together with relevant articles and literature. You can follow our resistances campaign on LinkedIn or platform X.