We do not often see this in policy documents, as if power were a dirty word. But it is important not to shy away from this because power is, after all, part and parcel of social relations, and we cannot tackle gender equality without attending to power.


Scientists know about it at least since 2014 but very little has happened. Editors of scientific journals or funding agencies could require reporting gender of experimenter. But at the moment, they don’t.


On 18 January 2018, the League of European Research Universities (LERU) will present its new advice paper, entitled “Implicit bias in academia: a challenge to the meritocratic principle and to women’s careers– and what to do about it”.


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1st Mutual Learning Workshop: Vienna

7 February – 8 February

Vienna, Austria


Working together to harness national efforts and advance the implementation of gender equality policies in research and innovation in Europe

GENDERACTION is an innovative policy community for the implementation of the gender priority in the European Research Area. It brings together national representatives from EU Member States (MS) and Associated Countries (AC) to foster policy coordination, best practice exchange and mutual learning.

We aim to address gender imbalances in R&I and advance the implementation of the gender priority in the European Research Area, by translating national equality legislation into effective action.

GENDERACTION will support MS and AC by providing networking opportunities for relevant national authorities with the task of pushing for implementation of ERA priority 4. Project activities will take place in cooperation with and in support of the Standing Working Group on Gender Equality in Research and Innovation of the European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC) formerly known as the Helsinki Group on Gender in Research and Innovation.

The project will facilitate the co-creation of knowledge and strategies which will serve as practical tools to implement gender equality in R&I at national level and provide policy advice for impact at EU level.