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Webinar: Gender Dimension in Research and Innovation (GiRI)

26 April 2023

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The webinar held online on the 26th of April 2023 was designed for RFO CoP members, but all other GENDERACTIONplus partners were welcome to participate. Members of the policy CoP learned about the challenges of RFOs and become aware of potential support measures. 

For years now, the Commission has requested that beneficiaries integrate the sex and gender dimension into research content and innovation (GiRI) in order to increase scientific excellence and innovation. GiRI has become of increasing relevance since it was included as a recommended thematic area in the Gender Equality Plans mandatory for Horizon Europe funding. 

By taking gender (and other social dimensions like age, disabilities, ethnical background etc) into account in the production of knowledge and innovation (in research questions, data collection and analysis, prototypes etc) research funding outcomes will be more useful and beneficial to all members of society. 

The main aim of this webinar was to introduce the GiRI approach. Therefore the EC concept as well as various approaches from RFOs will be presented and discussed. The potential agency of RFOs along the funding cycle will be highlighted to create a better understanding of the concrete measures that RFOs can implement to support applicants and reviewers to integrate GiRI in their work. Participants will be encouraged to share experiences and to learn from other RFOs in small group discussions. Supporting and hindering factors will be identified and the next steps for the work in the RFO CoP will be identified. 

In a follow-up workshop, other intersectional aspects beyond gender will be addressed. 

The webinar is part of the WP7 capacity-building activities.