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RFOs CoP meeting in Vienna

14 June 2023

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The RFOs CoP has met twice during the consortium gathering in Vienna. The main purpose of the pre-meeting on 22 April 2023 was to get to know each other and the work of the various RFOs in implementing gender equality in the research and innovation funding process.

The main objective of the RFO COP workshop organised following the consortium meeting and mutual learning workshop on intersectionality on 25 April 2023 was to share and scale knowledge and practises between RFO CoP members on intersectionality in the R&I funding process.

The workshop was organised by using the NOW, HOW, WOW model. The NOW entailed an introduction and state-of-the-art presentation by Vinnova with the aim to get all members on the same starting point before entering the WOW; this took the form of a workshop in smaller breakout groups to discuss what achievements would be desirable to reach during the project time. What would make members feel a “wow”? The workshop ended with the HOW where the RFO CoP members discussed which small steps could be made during the project life time to reach the WOW and which of these steps or activities could be put in their impact plan.

Before moving into smaller breakout groups RFO-members were asked to list the most important intersecting factors for them to target. Among the most frequent factors mentioned were: gender, ethnicity, race, disability and language. After this assignment, the CoP members were divided into breakout groups. The smaller groups discussed the WOW and HOW together and collected their results on flip charts.

The event successfully met its goals, contributing to the exchange of experience and establishing closer cooperation. It also contributed significantly to increasing motivation and clarifying the next steps in the promotion of gender equality and intersectionality.