GENDERACTIONplus consultation gathers stakeholder insights across Europe on national Gender Equality Plan monitoring guidelines

The EU-funded GENDERACTIONplus project recently hosted its second stakeholder engagement event on 29 November 2023 to gather input and feedback on draft guidelines for establishing Gender Equality Plan (GEP) monitoring systems at the national level. Representatives of national authorities from 14 European countries actively participated in the online consultation, sharing valuable insights, needs and challenges. Developed by partners within the GENDERACTIONplus project, the guidelines aim to provide concrete guidance on how to set up an effective monitoring system at the national authority level to monitor GEP implementation. Incorporating multiple levels of proposed monitoring, they are designed to meet the needs of both Member States and Associated Countries at different stages of national gender equality policy implementation, where GEPs are a mandatory state requirement as well as where they are not. Following an introduction to the GENDERACTIONplus project and draft guidelines by Dr Jennie Rothwell, Senior Manager of the Centre of...

Monitoring ERA Action 5 on inclusive gender equality implementation

A total of 18 Member States have committed to ERA Action 5, focusing on gender equality and inclusiveness: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. While the description of what is expected from those MS is more detailed than in the previous ERA period, there is no requirement to formulate a national action plan to implement those actions. As a consequence, little is known about the MS priorities, objectives and planned or implemented measures. This information is crucial not only for the development of a shared understanding of gender equality concepts and for defining collective goals but also for mutual learning based on the exchange of good practices. For this reason, the first GENDERACTIONplus report on monitoring the implementation of ERA GE policies. It first presents the development of gender equality objectives in the ERA, including a...

Advancing inclusive institutional change: GEP monitoring and evaluation practices across the ERA

The fourth benchmarking analysis conducted by GENDERACTOINplus depicts the current landscape for GEP requirements in R&I at national/regional level. It provides an overview of the overall policy framework on GEP requirement concerning ERA stakeholders and presents relevant policy developments, mainly targeting national authorities. Building on the survey responses from 15 national authorities (including 2 from Belgium), the benchmark analysis shows that: Read more in the Benchmarking analysis and assessment report how MS monitor/evaluate institutional change through GEPs.