GENDERACTION newsletter is out!


Interesting reading for the summer months is here! Our newsletter covers what has been happening over the first half of 2020 in the area of gender equality in science policy. Read the newsletter in a browser or download it in PDF.     Stay in touch with us: Subscribe to the GENDERACTION newsletter Follow us […]

National and EU Impact Plans


If the previous two years were spent mainly developing policy recommendations for the new Horizon Europe and European Research Area, now is the time to push. To this end, consortium members have drafted their national impact plans and as the coordinator we have an EU impact plan. The COVID-19 lockdown has of course slowed us […]

The new ERA must do more for gender equality


Marcela Linkova for As we slowly emerge from the coronavirus outbreak in Europe, one thing is clear – it has brought to the front various aspects of gender equality issues in Research and Innovation (R&I). Read the text:

Key gender issues for international STI cooperation


The present Briefing Paper presents a set of recommendations for better promotion of gender equality in policy design and implementation in STI at the international level. It follows up our two mutual learning workshops on gender in international STI cooperation we held in 2019 in Valetta and 2020 in Belgrade. Recommendations to the stakeholders: prevent […]

Good news about gender (equality) in R&I


In April 2020 we’ve started a Twitter campaign to spread the good news about achievements and positive developments in the area of gender equality in research and innovation. The campaign is inspired by The Happy Broadcast and will feature posts on the GENDERACTION Twitter account. We recently welcome tips and notices so we can celebrate […]

ERAC SWGGRI on sexual harrassment


The ERAC Standing Working Group on Gender in Research and Innovation calls on all stakeholders to take further concerted policy action to make the European Higher Education and Research Area a truly safe environment where all talents can thrive. SWGGRI published a policy brief with recommendations for main stakeholders of the European Higher Education and […]

The higher a country scores on gender equality, the higher its innovation potential


A new report published by GENDERACTION shows that there is a positive correlation between the European Innovation Scoreboard, Adjusted Research Excellence Indicator, and Gender Equality Index.  Additionally, it was found that a higher proportion of research organizations with a gender equality plan  (GEP) is similarly correlated with a higher Innovation Score. These findings lend support […]

SWGGRI on future of gender equality in ERA


In this position paper, the Standing Working Group on Gender in Research and Innovation (SWG GRI) outlines its recommendations for the future of gender equality in the European Research Area (ERA), which build on analyses of the current state of its implementation. This develops and supports the recently adopted the European Commission’s Gender Equality Strategy […]

Vybrané překlady výstupů GENDERACTION


Vybrané výstupy projektu GENDERACTION jsme přeložily, aby byly přístupnější širšímu okruhu osob v české vědecké komunitě.  Dokumenty vycházejí z úkolů vyplývajících z úkolů pracovních balíčků 3 a 5, které se věnují konzultacím tématů spojených s Evropským výzkumným prostorem (včetně Horizontu Evropa) a mapování stavu implementace genderové rovnosti ve výzkumu a inovacích ve členských státech. Kompletní […]

Policy brief: Disruptive measures needed


  In our new policy brief we argue that to achieve substantive gender equality in R&I, disruptive measures are required. There are two forms of disruptive measures: temporary special measures addressing gender imbalances and ambitious measures addressing structures. In the policy brief, we go on with examples of what are not disruptive measures and what […]