Mina Stareva


  Mina Stareva is the Head of the Gender Sector in DG Research and Innovation, the European Commission. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Robert Schuman – Strasbourg University and a Master of Arts degree in Political Sciences from the College of Europe. Prior to joining the Science with and for society unit […]

Sabine Theresia Köszegi


  Sabine Theresia Köszegi is a member of the Commission High Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence and a Full Professor of Labour Science and Organisation at the TU Wien. Her research interests are in the intersection of technology, work and organisation. Currently, she co-leads the doctoral college on “Trust in Robots” and is involved […]

Enrique Playán


  Enrique Playán is the Director of the Spanish Research Agency and Professor of CSIC in Spain. He served as Scientific Officer for the European Commission and managed the National Research Subprogramme on Agriculture and Forestry for the Government of Spain. He coordinated the Joint Programming Initiative “Water Challenges for a Changing World” on behalf […]

Mieke Verloo


  Mieke Verloo is Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues at Radboud University in the Netherlands. She is leading the multidisciplinary research hotspot Gender and Power in Politics and Management together with Prof Yvonne Benschop and Prof Anna van der Vleuten. Mieke Verloo is an expert in the fields of gender and politics. She is the winner […]

Roberta Schaller-Steidl


  Roberta Schaller‐Steidl is head of the department Equality and Diversity Management within the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research. Therefore she is responsible for gender equality, diversity management and the promotion of women in education, science and research. Moreover, she is chair of the Working Group on Gender and Diversity Management at […]

Gina Neff


  Gina Neff is a Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor at the Oxford Internet Institute and the Department of Sociology at the University of Oxford. She studies the future of work in data-rich environments. She is the author of Venture Labor (MIT Press, 2012) and with Dawn Nafus Self-Tracking (MIT Press, 2016). Her writing […]

Gemma Irvine


  Gemma Irvine is Head of Policy and Strategic Planning in the Higher Education Authority (HEA) in Ireland. In this role Dr Irvine coordinates a national approach to the development and implementation of policy for higher education, with specific responsibility for the enhancement of teaching and learning, research, international education and equality, diversity and inclusion […]

Táňa Hálová Perglová


  Táňa Hálová Perglová is Deputy Director of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. She has been working in the agency for 7 years and her main domains of interest are development activities of the agency (new tools, approaches, instruments), international cooperation, synergies with Horizon 2020. She is an advocate of balanced and non-discriminatory […]

Gender and SDGs in R&I


Enhancing knowledge and understanding on gender and Agenda 2030/SDGs for policy development in European Funds for R&I is the aim of a new GENDERACTION task that focuses on mapping and disseminating recent research results, as well as benchmarking policy development, identifying promising concepts and tools for gender and sustainability in the design of European Funds […]

Jennifer Harper


  Jennifer Harper was Director of Policy and Strategy at the Malta Council for Science and Technology up to 2011 and now retains a part-time advisory role. Until 2011, she represented Malta in the Competitiveness Council and JRC Board of Governors. She has been a Board member of the National Commission for Higher and Further […]