How to increase women´s participation in science?


On the 21st November 2017 the conference “Women in Science – How to increase women´s participation in science?” took place in Brussels, Belgium.

Gender in Open Science and Open Innovation


GENDERACTION will soon release a report on “Strategic advice for enhancing the gender dimension of Open Science and Innovation Policy”. Reed more about its reveals and recommendations for stakeholders.



Marcela Linková Gender equality is one of the five priorities of the European Research Area. While it is clear that we are making progress in Europe, a lot remains to be done, and at various levels. Member States play a crucial role in this endeavour as they are responsible for creating the legislative and institutional […]

What is ahead of us


Trinity College Dublin will host the 10th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Education.

1st Mutual Learning Workshop report


The results of the workshop, especially the set of criteria for good practices for NAPs and measures, will be taken up in the first report on priority 4 implementation within NAPs.

The STEMM Equality Congress


The STEMM Equality Congress is a two day conference hosted annually focusing on equality, diversity and inclusion in the STEMM fields.

Snapshots from the 1st Mutual Learning Workshop in Vienna


On February 6th and 7th a workshop on ERA national action plans and implementing of ERA´s 4th priority took place.

Public consultation on EU R&I funding


Outcomes of this public consultation will be among others used for the next generation of financial programmes. The deadline was set for March 8th 2018.

Marcela Linkova on LERU´s implicit bias paper


We do not often see this in policy documents, as if power were a dirty word. But it is important not to shy away from this because power is, after all, part and parcel of social relations, and we cannot tackle gender equality without attending to power.

A Scientist’s Gender Can Skew Research Results


Scientists know about it at least since 2014 but very little has happened. Editors of scientific journals or funding agencies could require reporting gender of experimenter. But at the moment, they don’t.