Gender and energy: video of the webinar


Secure, clean and efficient energy was another webinar for NCPs on gender in research. Webinar took place on the 11th of October and was organised in cooperation with C-Energy2020. The lecturer was Katrien Van den Heyden from Yellow Window. Download the presentation in PDF.  

Webinar on gender & health


Join the webinar organized by HEALTH NCP-Net 2.0 and GENDERACTION to learn about how to address the gender priorities in research and their relevance within HEALTH projects! 15.10.2018 | 15.00 – 16.00 CET REGISTRATION HERE. The webinar will be led by Katrien Van der Heyden and will address the following topics:  introduction to sex/gender and […]

Marcela Linková in European Parliament


Marcela Linková, coordinator of GENDERACTION will appear in the European Parliament (EP). On 25 September, the Women and Science Conference, under the auspices of the Spanish Member of Soledad Caberon Ruiz and rapporteur for the legislative proposal of the Horizon Europe program by Member Dan Nica, is taking place in the European Parliament. In her […]

September webinar: video, hand-out, presentation


On 19 September 2018 webinar for NCP_WIDE.NET Gender in Research: Dissemination, Exploitation and Evaluation took place. Webinar was attended by 32 participants. Download the hand-out (in PDF) and the presentation (in PDF).  



Marcela Linková Some progress achieved but a strong push for gender equality to be maintained. Cooperation between Member States and the Commission is crucial for advancing gender equality in European research. Provisions for gender equality in Horizon Europe must be strengthened. The GENDERACTION panel titled What are we talking about when we talk about gender […]

Webinar: Addressing Gender Priorities in Research…


GENDERACTION webinar on “Addressing Gender Priorities in Research in Europe and their relevance within the Horizon2020 programme” WHEN: Wednesday 19th September 2018, from 10.00 to 11.00 CEST WHERE: Link to Webinar:  WHO: NCPs REGISTERATION: here We would like to invite you to join the GENDERACTION webinar (organized in cooperation with NCP.WIDE.NET) to learn more […]

Policy brief on implementation ERA priority 4


GENDERACTION will soon release its full report on “National roadmaps and mechanisms in ERA priority 4” which analyses different approaches of Member States to the implementation of gender equality in National Action Plans and Strategies (NAPs). The present Briefing Paper aims to highlight key results and a set of criteria which allow identifying good practice […]

1st Gender Equality Plan of Cypriot Research Promotion Foundation adopted


Kalypso Sepou The Research Promotion Foundation (RPF), as the national research and innovation funding agency of Cyprus, adopted its 1st Gender Equality Plan 2018-2020 within the framework of the TARGET Project formalising a set of actions aiming at long-term institutional transformation. The actions proposed reflect the scope of Priority 4 of the European Research Area […]

Marcela Linková in a TC CAS round table


  On 4 Septemer 2018 Marcela Linková participated in a round table organised by Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences on the next FP Horizon Europe. Marcela Linková has spoken about gender in research content, gender in future FP and introduced the GENDERACTION Policy Brief Series.

LERU’s reaction to Plan S


Plan S represents a bold plan fundamentally to change the pattern of academic publishing, moving decisively away from subscription journals to full and immediate Open Access (OA). From 1 January 2020 academic publications, where the research has been funded by public grants provided by national and European Research Councils and funding bodies, must be published […]